First Access Release Today!

Hello, first access friends! It’s release time: the Game Table goes live today! Thank you for helping get the Game Table off the ground.

The Game Table is an online library of information and recommendations about board games for the casual and hardcore gamer alike. You can explore and share new games, and keep track of games you like.

“So, what can I do on the Game Table?” you might be asking us right now.

Well, here are some things you can do:

  • Discover new board games based on your preferences. Your home page changes its content in response to games you own or like, making recommendations specifically for you.
  • Keep track of what games you own and want on your shelf and wishlist.
  • Search for specific kinds of games with advanced search. Want a game that you and five friends can play in a few minutes? Here you go. Search, sort, and filter however you like to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Excited to start exploring? Head over and make an account now.

The Game Table has been in development on and off since March of this year, and we’re super excited to release it now. We have so many ideas for new features we’d love to add, but we want the development of this site to be driven by the needs and desires of board game players of all kinds — and that’s you! Changes in the future will be made based on what feedback we get from our users. This blog is where updates will be posted when new features or exciting changes get added to the site, or when there is any other major news about the Game Table website. If you want to get emails when new features come out, sign up in the bar to the right.

The more feedback the Game Table gets from its users, the better it will become. Think of some cool new feature or improvement? Let us know. Can’t find a game you’re looking for in our library? Let us know about it. Notice something that doesn’t work quite right? You shouldn’t find anything like this — fingers crossed — but, if you do, please let us know!

Thank you for joining us for this release.

Happy board game hunting!