Join the Recommendation Improvement Program today!

We want to let everybody know about a program we launched privately about a month ago: the Recommendation Improvement Program.

Short version: Board gamers like you can help improve Game Table’s recommendations! Click here to help!

Longer version:

We are always thinking up ways to improve our recommendation engine, which is what picks out personalized board games to put on Game Table’s home page, game night planner, and other pages. When we make any changes to the way those recommendations are picked out, we generate two lists of games for every volunteer (both custom-made for that volunteer, one with the existing engine, one with the new engine), and send them out. Then, you get to vote on which list is better, which tells us if our changes were actually improvements or not. Based on your voice and your vote, we move forward with the better engine and come up with another improvement, always ensuring that Game Table’s recommendations are made better, not worse.

Does that sound like a fun process to be a part of? If you want to give us your opinion from time to time and help us improve Game Table’s board game recommendations, enroll today by clicking here!

Thank you for being a part of our community!

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