Release Update #4 – Merry Christmas! Faster game submissions, smarter imports

Hello all,

First of all, to all the new users from /r/boardgames: Welcome! It’s great to have you on board. Your suggestions to improve the site and submissions for new games are making a difference already.

This isn’t a new feature, but I wanted to sneak this in here: we’ve added over 250 games to our library over the past three weeks (that’s over 150% more games!), all thanks to you and your new game submissions! Thank you very much for helping us improve our library. If you have any more games you’d like to see in our library, don’t hesitate to let us know here.

Here are the Game Table’s new features for this update:

  • New Submit a Game page: now with 150% more information! Having more information on new game submissions means that those games can get added to our library faster. Also, tons of improvements to how we process game submissions on the back end mean that your games can get added to our library A LOT faster. Woo hoo!

Game submissions: now with 150% more information! And fat free!

  • Made the game collection importer smarter—it now imports all of the games that it should import, and none of the ones that it shouldn’t. Plus, you get to confirm your collection in step two of the import process, so any faulty matches that sneak through will get caught right away!

Most of these games are my own

  • Added a new button to your Shelf: Click “Copy link” to share a public link to your game Shelf with your friends and family! Also, made the “Import” button on the Shelf more visible after the first import, to help users re-import existing game collections to their Shelf.

New shelf buttons

  • Added a page control to the top of the games search page, in addition to the one that was already at the bottom.

Paging Dr. Leacock...

  • Squashed more bugs. Squish!
  • Lastly, I know some of you commented on how fast the site was, and that’s awesome! But for a few of you, the site was timing out when there were more than 40 users on it at once, and to us, that is not acceptable. So, for times when traffic is heavy like that again, we are making the Game Table FAST. There’s a lot of optimization going into the speed improvement, and not a lot to take a picture of, so, for this “feature,” here’s a picture of something to indicate just how fast we are working to make the Game Table:



That’s all for now. Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Coming soon: Recommendations 2.0!

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