Release Update #5 – Game Night planner! Recommendation Engine 2.0!

Imagine: you’re having your friends over for a game night, and you’re trying to pick out the perfect game to play with them. Everyone likes something a little bit different. But which game will everyone like?

Our solution: plan a Game Night on the Game Table!

New features this update:

  • Find a game everyone in your group of friends likes to play by planning a Game Night! Pick the friends you’ll be playing with… Who are you playing with?…and see combined recommendations for you and your friends together!

    Planning a game nightGame night recommendations are based on each of your friends unique recommendation profiles, so you can easily find games that everyone will enjoy.1
  • And while we’re talking about recommendations… introducing Recommendation Engine 2.0! We made some major updates to the recommendation engine, allowing all recommendations to take a huge number of new factors into account, including how much you like the games you own, whether the games you like depend more on skill or luck, and what games are on your wishlist. Now we can give better recommendations to you!
  • More rows on the front page! Specialized rows will only show up on your home page if we think they’ll contain games that are interesting to you.New recommended game rows on the Game Table.
  • Improved navigation from users’ profile pages.
  • Made it easier to add friends to your friends list.
  • Now you can add a traditional password to a Facebook-login-only account from your account settings page.
  • Better mobile site navigation and cross-browser support.
  • Liberal application of bug-be-gone.

That’s all for this update. Have fun and stay warm this winter!

1 The Game Table does not guarantee that your friends will want to play that one game that you’ve been trying to convince them to play with you for forever, because it’s such a great game and you’re sure they will like it if they just try it once. We know how great it is. Really we do. We feel for you.

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